“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

Out OF Home


Vinciis offer customized Out Of Home advertising  solution  all across city

to create a buzz about the product in the local market.

Outdoor advertising  is one of the most innovative and quite a misunderstood concept in

small tier-II cities of India despite having huge potential to influence mass customer segments of any given area through more creative and interactive commercial ads. We offer our client to switch their advertising strategy from traditionally used printed outdoor advertising media which are overfilled with content without any artistic and psychological approach to our non-printed eco-friendly outdoor advertising media like DOOH LED screens, wall murals, boat mural and localized captive TV screens in the city with content that amuses the audience to know more about the brands. OOH advertising can be a very effective tool if it's used in combination with other advertising media with an artistic approach.

DOOH Advertising

We offer customized programmable digital out of home(DOOH) advertisement services. Our DOOH advertisement campaign is designed according to the need and budget of the advertisers. We use programmatic location-oriented big LED display screens, installed at highly trafficked locations with huge footfalls. We help brands to identify the desired locations, from our inventory, to deploy their ads, give our creative team's assistance for the preparation of the ad and later provide them with specific data about their advertising campaign. Our DOOH advertisement campaign has the ability to not only reach — but actually target — consumers on the go.

“Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret  &  to put the very heart throbs of a business into colors, characters and story."

Case Study

Room Lelo is an accommodation aggregator based in Varanasi. Being a startup, it had a relatively low clientele. When we started working together, they were already using posters for their advertising. We provided them with 200+ slots a day in the starting with a motion poster ad video for the DOOH screen. We deployed the ad on our newly installed DOOH screen within the close vicinity of Banaras Hindu University at Lanka (Varanasi). The response was overwhelming with nearly 1500 calls in 4 months. Although the response was overwhelming, the brand decided to experiment with their advertising strategies, and in doing that they stopped the campaign. Next couple of months, there call logs to show a decrease in callers which can be attributed to the missing of our campaign to some extent as they were using other media as well. They realized it too, and again restarted our campaign.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Wall And boat MuraL Advertising

Graffiti advertisement can be used very effectively to depict bold ideas creatively even in today's mobile generation. Our team of young artist uses this art form in different ways to advertise brands.

We have our different assets at different locations all across the city which enables us to reach the audience even in the remotest corner of the street. We promote a non-printing mode of advertisement that's why graffiti advertisements can be used as an alternative to printed display hoardings which are so short-lived and unsafe.

"We believe in changing the world, one wall at a time."


  • Customized campaigns according to navigation profile, age, gender, purchase intention, location, etc .;

  • Facilitates workflow;

  • Advertisers decide how much they want to pay for impressions;

  • Avoid the dispersion of ads in places of disinterest and random sites;

  • Analysis of real and specific data;

  • Easy to deploy ads any no. of times;

  • Full creativity assistance from our Creative Designing team.

  • Bundled packages to suit your needs and demands of your advertising campaign.


  • “Stopping Power” – Great potential for attracting public attention;

  • Contents are displayed in high quality;

  • Promotion of ads in different formats;

  • More positive experiences from viewers;

  • Integration with mobile devices, the internet, other technologies on the market;

  • Public reach, with campaigns and ads targeting specific niche markets;

  • Provides action to interact with customers;

  • Allows you to make updates remotely;

  • Among other benefits, it is widely adapted to different media.

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."





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